Thread: PRS-650 Confused: Vizplex or Pearl?
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Confused: Vizplex or Pearl?

I just purchased a PRS-650 from the Sony Store at Robina on the Gold Coast. I read all the reviews and watched all the available videos before I went to the store so I barely glanced at the display unit before purchasing. Fast forward 2 hours and I am at home, I plug the unit in to charge via USB. The battery is full so I disconnect and the unit starts up. A few logos are displayed including the eink vizplex logo. What the!?! Once the reader has started I go into the 'about screen' and it says this unit uses eink vizplex! No mention of Pearl at all. I compare the display my (vizplex) Hanlin V3 and they are almost identical as far as grayness of the 'white' part of the screen goes. However the sony's page turns are faster.

Now I might be missing something but I was under the assumption that all of the new Sony readers use Pearl eink. Are Sony using Vizplex in Australia only? I rechecked the Sony Australia website and confirmed that the PRS 650 features include:
6" E InkŪ Pearl glare-free touch-screen for the ultimate reading experience

I rang the Sony store immediately and they said they will chase it up with their head office tomorrow (the guy I spoke to had no idea what Vizplex and pearl were).

Has anyone else had this experience in Australia (or elsewhere)? I do remember someone on this forum saying that his (vizplex) Kobo reader display was better than his new Sony's display and this may be the reason why.
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