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Hi charleski,

The quick hack would be just to render the table out as an image.
Yes, I agree that it is much easier to render the figure as an image (this was actually my initial workaround) but I have to revise it since the request of my client is to render the figure by using HTML/CSS code and preferably DIV tags (I forgot to mention that, sorry). I've had a hard time coding it using DIVs so I used table tags and CSS instead.

A more complex but better solution would be to combine the images and text in a block of svg code.
Sorry, but I don't have enough knowledge on SVGs. Can you give me a sample SVG code for this figure so that I could study it?

It's not worth trying to work around the bugs in Apple's css rendering for this, since any hacks (empty spans etc) will probably just break on the next update.
So, you mean to say that if ever we've found a possible solution for this problem then it might just be ignored by iBooks app when Apple releases an update for it?

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I guess I'll try the SVG method but I'll have to study it first. I hope this could still be supported on the next update. Thanks again charles.

Still, I need more help from anybody on this issue.

Thanks in advance,

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