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I just ordered the Kindle 3! Nook Convert.

Well I just did it, this once Nookie Enthusiast, ordered the Kindle 3 on Amazon.Com!

Originally I bought the nook because:

1) Android system. The possibilities of future Aps.
2) Color LCD at bottom.
3) Not having locked in book format-epub.

But after using it for some time (I ordered it right when it was released) I discovered the primary focus, in fact the only purpose, of my Nook was the read books thus the Android system's shinery glimmer wasn't so shiny after all. The LCD at the bottom was nice and I did enjoy seeing the book covers in full color. However...I noticed time and time again the titles I read were available on Amazon for cheaper and often not available at all on the Nook. Thus even with amazon having a more locked in format for selection Amazon won with me. I know there are other sites for Nook but seriously.....using the usb to computer to get books on Nook doesn't make me smile.

Kindle I have arrived!
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