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Thanks for the great replies guys and gals, much appreciated.

One of the reasons I opened this thread is to see if some prices are at least comparable, I hate to keep feeding the amazon monster (as well as the google monster) all the time for ideological reasons.

Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
What I'd recommend you do is download "Kindle for PC", then buy books from Amazon, remove the DRM with the "skindle" program and convert to ePub with Calibre. Amazon are so very, very much cheaper than anyone else; why pay double (or more) the price at Waterstones?
Thanks Harry, is the price difference that big? Double? Wow...

@SensualPoet. Great nick btw. Hmmm, you 've got me thinking, my main thing with the sony's is that I can get books from libraries, plus I think the touchscreen should be better. Than said the kindle is really cheap, from what I ve read mobi is easily converted to epub and vice versa (although calibre is something of a dog on the mac), and I would miss the wifi in the sonies... Oh well, again decisions decisions decisions, I will probably toss a coin in the end.

//edit: Graham I think SP is saying that amazon might not handle drm epub, but without drm and mobi conversion it's fine.

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