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I Think My nook's Got A Gremlin

Odd little things happen and they (mostly) haven't happened more than once.

The thing has turned itself off twice.
The touch screen has suddenly come on when nobody is touching it and it's sleeping in airplane mode.
Once the screen showed a white, ghostly version of the text from the previous page. Turning more pages didn't fix it. Rebooting did.
Last night, after sideloading a couple of books, all the books in the B&N folder disappeared. They came back when I rebooted.
Twice the screen saver changed itself during a sleep period.
The main screen on the touch screen has come on suddenly when a sleeve has brushed the very bottom, but often when I tap the 'n' nothing happens. If I keep tapping it in different ways, eventually it'll work. I may not have the right touch yet for that.

I got this on August 31, so it's quite new. I've been using it a [I]lot[/].

So here's my question (see? I DO have one!)

Should I take it back or are these just normal(ish) glitches? Does the nook benefit from a burn-in time, like new computers do? Are these little gremliny things a sign that it might totally stop working in a month or so?

Ok, that's more than one question.
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