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Originally Posted by eGeezer View Post
I am assuming the other DRMd books you ran thru Calibre weren't ADE, or once again my limited knowledge is even more limited than usual. My understanding is that to use ADE with Sony you have to have Sony Reader software installed as well.

To use ADE, with bought or borrowed, means having to drag and drop them thru ADE, no matter what reader you use, so Sony only has that little extra requirement.
They were ADE. The full process that worked through Calibre for non-library books was:
(1) Pay for book at online store
(2) Download the .acsm link (I think that's the right extension)
(3) Double-click it
(4) ADE opens, asks me for my Adobe ID and password, and then downloads the book
(5) Open Calibre
(6) Add the book to the Calibre library
(7) Transfer it to my reader

I think the key point is that I'd already authorised my reader under a previous Windows installation (in fact on a different PC) and I had not installed the Sony Library software until I had to put a library book on my wife's reader.

I think that's good news because it means that once a reader is authorised on any PC you don't need the Sony software to transfer books to the reader as long as you're using the same Adobe ID for the reader and the ADE download.

Both my wife and I use the same Adobe ID so our books are fully transferable between our devices - unless they're library books.

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