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Smile Why'd you buy a Kobo?

I was wondering what aspects of the Kobo reader made people decide to buy a Kobo instead of or in addition to other eReaders.

My reasons:
1. I was looking for a fairly basic reader, didn't need music etc.
2. ePub, I wanted epub support and not be locked into a single seller.
3. Price, it was my first eReader and wanted to see how useful I would find it before spending a lot.
4. Ecosystem, I like the idea of portability of my ebooks from my Kobo eReader (used mostly at home or when I specifically intend to read) or from my smartphone (I can use this while on the go, if I'm waiting in line, waiting for the bus, etc I can read a few pages without needing to carry a larger device or physical book).
5. eInk, I spend enough hours in front of 3 LCD screens for work.

So why'd you choose a Kobo?
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