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ecostin can you provide the log after the command exec ls in you debug :


~exec ls

then search for command=exec
and copy and paste here the followings lines..)

personaly on my kindle, I get :

 cvm[10639]: I Search:SHORTCUT:command=~exec:
  104613 100908:161316 cvm[10639]: I HistoryManagerImpl:History cursor updated:action=set,oldCursorIndex=22,newCursorIndex=21:
  104614 100908:161316 cvm[10639]: P BookletManager:PerfDump:id=Starting_Search,time=29,type=relative,abs-time=1283962396402,start-time=1283962396373:
  104615 100908:161316 cvm[10639]: D SystemBarImpl:DebugInfo::KwSystemBar: stopLongActivity called
  104616 100908:161316 cvm[10639]: D SystemBarImpl:DebugInfo::KwSystemBar: stopSpinner called

and for comparaison with a command that sucess as memInfo :

 I Search:SHORTCUT:command=~memInfo:
100908:161304 cvm[10639]: E Search:EXCEPTION::1: total memory: 20971520
for ~help :

 I Search:SHORTCUT:command=~help:
100908:145959 cvm[3325]: D HistoryManagerImpl:DebugInfo::HistoryManagerImpl.pop calling listener Home booklet with booklet://Home?HomeView:::0:::1:::
100908:145959 cvm[3325]: I HistoryManagerImpl:History cursor updated:action=set,oldCursorIndex=14,newCursorIndex=13:
100908:145959 cvm[3325]: P BookletManager:PerfDump:id=Starting_Search,time=57,type=relative,abs-time=1283957999161,start-time=1283957999104:
100908:145959 cvm[3325]: D SystemBarImpl:DebugInfo::KwSystemBar: stopLongActivity called
100908:145959 cvm[3325]: D SystemBarImpl:DebugInfo::KwSystemBar: stopSpinner called
100908:145959 cvm[3325]: W SystemBarImpl:SPIN:spinCount=0:count <=0 when stopSpinner() called
100908:145959 cvm[3325]: D UIManagerImpl:DebugInfo::UIManagerImpl.generateLCDEvent

hmm it seems that help provide nothing in log.. so maybee it's normal that ~exec do the same..

but just to compare with your's.. if possible

some more information for ~usbNetwork.. it do something like the log says :

100908:163309 cvm[10639]: I Search:SHORTCUT:command=~usbNetwork:
100908:163309 cvm[10639]: D DeviceService:DebugInfo::RuntimeExec sync = true : command = /usr/sbin/usbnetwork
don't now what /usr/sbin/usbnetwork do.. but ~usbNetwork run it

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