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launchpad -- yet another hotkey manager for Kindle

This program was originally written for Kindle DX Graphite and later
extended in order to support Kindle3* operation. It has been successfully
tested on Kindle DX Graphite and Kindle3 WiFi and hopefully will also
work on older Kindle models.

Update: 14-Oct-2010. Now works on Kindle3. The following Kindle3-specific special symbols:
open Quote
closing Quote
upside down Exclamation mark
upside down Question mark
are not supported.

launchpad for Kindle is a small program supporting extended input capabilities.
The main purpose of it is providing the ability to run any 3rd-party programs
from within the original unmodified Kindle Framework software.
It can be also used to organize custom keyboard shortcut operations and
to simplify input of special symbols...
See full README for further details.

To install:
- unpack the attached archive somewhere
- select the Kindle update package for your device model and copy it to your device under user root directory [/mnt/us]
- apply the standard Amazon Kindle update procedure

NOTE: if you already have a previous version installed on your Kindle, there's no need to
uninstall it first. Just save your custom hotkey sequence definitions, if needed.

Launchpad comes with some predefined hotkey sequences. See full README for details

You can easily modify the hotkey behavior according to you needs by providing your own
or editing the existing .ini files. After that, the hotkey actions database should be reloaded to take effect.
This can be done by the following linux shell command:
kill -HUP `pidof launchpad`
or by applying the default hotkey sequence:
Shift Shift Space
09/09/2010: refreshed launchpad.tar.gz -- bug fixes made, features added,
better default hotkey layout in launchpad.ini
see launchpad.ini.txt (attached) for details.

11/21/2010: maintenance release -- added InterKeyDelay option to allow long kindle-specific actions

11/29/2010: new release/new features. Source code is provided in a separate archive

12/04/2010: changed update package(s) version to 0.0.1a

01/29/2011: version 0.0.1b . added taking screenshot feature:
pressing Shift three times creates screenshot.bmp file
in /mnt/us == 'user root folder'

02/02/2011: version 0.0.1c . added a primitive "Remote Command Entry"
feature. See rce.ini for some details

by eschwartz
09/11/2015: version 0.0.1d . repackage everything with the latest kindletool, in order to fix an issue with the legacy installer creating low target OTA values.

Attached: contains launchpad update packages
launchpad.tar.gz contains the source tree
Attached Files
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