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Originally Posted by Leep View Post
Greetings Geokhentix:
Are you choosing a different folder for your decrypted book? Are you sure that it is infact the decrypted version that is getting added to Calibre? If you get a successfully decrypted response from ineptpdf, then the new ebook that you are creating should be drm free. Might want to give it a slightly different file name so you can keep the two files separate.

Thanks for the response! It is indeed the correct file, and it still has DRM(Or appears to...) However, I've have some progress, i've noticed that in Adobe Acrobat, the first page is default zoomed at 5485% and if i scroll to page 2, it says "The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document.(14)." If i try to Save As, it does the same thing. If i delete the first page, it doesn't delete.
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