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PRS 300 with Calibre/900 with SRL


I use my PRS 900 with the SRL (about 550 books). But I just picked up a 300 for a song online. I know it is outdated now, but the price was definately right.

But the smaller memory capacity leads me to one concern....

What will be the best way to manage my collections without loading ALL the books...without also limiting the books I load on the 900. The 300 will max out at approx 250.

Can I run Calibre and SRL on the same comupter? Can I use the 300 with Calibre and the SRL with the 900?

Can anyone think of a reason this would be a bad idea? I know virtually nothing about Calibre except that it is considered far superior to the Sony software.

I am not ready to scrap the SRL without testing Calibre for a little while.

Many of the books on my 900 were written specifcally by me as reference material for work. I would be crushed if I messed up my organizational system (flawed as it is).

Thanks, Cozworth
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