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I still use my ebookman 911 as my daily ereader. I get most of my ebooks from my local library (overdrive system) and I read mobipocket format. I've never really had a problem reading any books. You can download their newest (for ebookman) mobipocket software from their legacy page and it works well. My ereader also has the issue where it loses all memory if I lose power. My fix is to change the batteries really fast, one at a time, and never let the batteries run too low. If I manage to change each battery in less than 5 seconds I can usually keep my memory without reloading the OS. When I upgraded to a computer with Vista I had to start running the Destop Manager in Compatibility Mode for XP or lower. My library is starting to only buy new ebooks in epub format now and I'm going to have to start looking for a new reader soon.
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