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Random page breaks and random subscripts?

I have some books that were just txt files that I converted to epubs with calibre.

They work fine for the most part on my koboreader, but there will sometimes be the odd random page break and subscript numbers. They are rare enough that I've put up with it and assumed it was some weird formatting in text file, but I've gone back and looked at the text file and there's nothing apparent that would cause this.

These oddities do not appear in calibre's built-in ereader. Also, the page breaks aren't fixed in that if I change font sizes in my kobo, it might disappear depending on the size of the font. But it will always consistently be in the same place in that if I go back to the previous size, it's there again. Same behaviour with the subscript numbers.

I hope I can blame calibre and not my kobo but again, these epubs are fine in its reader.

Any clues what could cause this? Anyone else experience this?

Also, I was going to re-convert some txt files, trying some things, is there a way I can hack in kobo's database a page #, instead of having to hit next 80 times?
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