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Originally Posted by jharker View Post
Try out Linux Libertine
Many thanks for the heads-up on this... It looks quite interesting, and better still, it took me to a Japanese page all about free fonts which in turn led me to discover GlyphWiki.

Now the problem I have is not that there are too few options, but too many... all with slightly different licensing terms, which will take ages to understand. I want a font I can modify to include a few Japanese characters but delete the thousands of glyphs that aren't needed (to cut down on size), perhaps using FontSquirrel's utility suggested earlier. Some seem to say "modding is fine, but keep/change/mention the original font name", others say "you must include the full license text with any modded version" etc. (which is a bit of a pain). Ah well, I guess I'll just have to wade through all the LICENSE.TXT files.
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