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Question Regarding Resizing of CBR/CBZ Files?

Hi guys...

I am trying to figure a way to resize CBR/CBZ files. I have an old (and by that I mean OLD) comic reader over here. I will get a new one eventually, but until then, I have found that some of my files have images that are too big (or too high resolution?) to load.

What I am looking for is way to take a single CBR/CBZ file and decrease the size/resolution of the individual files within it. I have looked at a lot of programs here. I do recall doing something similar with Maga2Ebook long ago, but from what I understand by my recent reading, this program does not work with Windows 7 x64, which is what I now have.

Is there a program that can do this for me? Note that the reader is SO OLD, that I have to extract the CBR file into folders with the JPG images in them. But that is super easy. Is there an easy way to resize? *Blink*
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