Thread: Troubleshooting K3 3G UK with No 3G - now *fixed*
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Smile K3 3G UK with No 3G - now *fixed*

Just wondering if anyone else with a new K3 3G has experienced this?
My Kindle worked brilliantly with wifi but I had no 3G/2G, even though I have networks (including Vodafone) in abundance with strong signals in my area.
Tried re-starts, factory reset, the 311 reselect networks, no joy, the 611 diagnostic screen showed the sim fine but it was unable to register with the cells and was 'rejected' when trying to register.

I gave up meddling and called Kindle support, the guy knew his stuff, checked my radio serial, tried the 311, same result as me. He got me to add wifi so they could remotely capture the 611 data for the engineers to look at and they would contact me within 48 hours.

Good tip the Shift-Alt G works for capturing the 411 and 611 screens so you can copy it to you computer easier for reading off radio serial etc. as it takes a while to compile the info.

Anyway I was thinking either I got an unregistered device/SIM or faulty hardware and was definitely not looking forward to the wait for the replacement of my new toy, especially after the long wait to get it here in the first place. And even worse I was just finishing a good book

But 4 hours later it sprung into life and will happily connect to all networks at 3G and 2G
So I guess the SIM or device wasn't properly registered to allow it on the mobile network, maybe a backlog somewhere, whatever the engineers did, did the trick for me.

So +1 for Kindle support in my book.

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