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Thanks for the info - it's reassuring to know they can get on there somehow.

My issue really is that I have put a great deal of effort into getting my books consistent and tagged with correct metadata - and they are without exception in RTF as i love that format for its virtually across the board support and its ease of use when developing software.

Whilst I could convert them to many formats (I have the tools) the Kindle 3 specifically claims RTF support (I believe converted on the fly as they arrive, but that should not be my concern). As such, I would have expected it to at least pick up the absolute basics of title and author like the Sony does and MS Word does.

I would accept EPUB format as that is pretty ubiquitous too (though less so than RTF when non-ereaders are taken into account) but the Kindle does not take them.

Many thanks again for the reassurance, though the question remains: are there any known issues regarding RTF metadata on the Kindle and if so are there any workarounds that do not involve format shifting before a file is sent to the device?
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