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Originally Posted by Fbone View Post
Regarding Orange Cty: Many of their books are YA and romances so make sure they have the titles and subjects that interest you. They do obtain multiple copies of titles.

You dont say where you live but many county libraries have reciprocal agreements with neighboring ones.
I should look at the Orange Cty again. From what I remember, many of the books I have on hold, were available for immediate download and they had a good selection of books that interest me. I read romances as well as fiction and nonfiction.

No one in my state has ebooks, so no reciprocal. We have a statewide catalogue that includes the community colleges and university. As mentioned, few libraries are friendly to out of state people. And the states surrounding me are no exception.

Might just have to go grey and have my nephew get a card number. Although after some more research, his library only has audiobooks, and my system has plenty of those. so, he'd have to get a card and then get a second at a better library in his state where there are ebooks.
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