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Question Kindle 3 and RTF Metadata

I currently have a Sony PRS505 and a very large collection of books in RTF format. My work colleague has just got the K3 and I have had him load one of these RTF books so I can see how they are handled as it is time I upgraded my reader and am considering the Kindle.

I know the RTF metadata is fine.
  1. As a software developer I wrote the tool that generates them myself so I can guarantee no peculiar content or conversion issues (also the reason why testing with one is fine - they are absolutely identical in RTF structure).
  2. I can open them in Notepad and see from the raw RTF they are correct.
  3. My Sony sees the metadata perfectly and organises them for me.
  4. Microsoft Word also picks up the metadata (file properties) correctly.
So I have very simple and very compatible RTFs matching the RTF spec and working elsewhere.

On the Kindle, however, only the filename is shown. The Title and Author tags are totally ignored. Is there an issue with the RTF metadata handling, or does anyone know if I am missing something possibly less obvious?

For reference, the metadata is in the standard {\info{\title My Book}{\author Me}} kind of format (I go by memory as the file is not in front of me). I really need RTF to work correctly due to the lack of EPUB options and my unwillingness to keep copies in different formats (for use on more than one device) just to please Kindle.

Any help or advice is appreciated.
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