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Experience with pay for library cards other than Philadelphia Free?

Sorry if this has already been discussed. Like a good newbie, I tried to search for the info, but the word library.....

So, anyone purchase a library card from one of the other libraries listed in the recent library book count thread?

I did purchase a card from the Philadelphia Free Library (FLP) and it's wonderful. However, that system seems to be a bit overloaded and from what else I read a bit underfunded. So the catalogue is somewhat limited. They do seem to do a pretty good job with some of the best seller list. They also are heavily tilted towards mysteries and thrillers, with good reason probably.

I'm looking for a broader selection. One library that look super appealing is Orange County Florida. The $120 a year, or 10 dollars a month is a pretty good price if you're a heavy reader! I'm sure I've read twice that value at the FLP. Plus Orange County seems to have some unlmited licenses for the most popular best sellers.

My library is part of a state consortium, and the biggest library in the state. Our state won't be getting Overdrive access- according to the librarian. We have a two year old HUGE state of the art library, it's an absolute gem. However, materials purchases come from a voted on sales tax. And the those receipts are way down. So, not gonna happen.

I have family all over the country so I could probably get two or three cards from other places. No one else wants to switch over to an eReader. I didn't either, but I'll never go back and strongly prefer not to read "real" books anymore. With library funding so low all over the place, I'd prefer to pay for the access.

So- other experiences please?

All right, sorry to be so long winded. And thanks.
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