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Originally Posted by zoran View Post
Aside I run dd-wrt on the router, I assume there are parts that are
not open to the public. Exactly parts you are keen to know about.
It is possible to divide to the project for screen support, project for
battery support, base system team, db team... And project manager
to put that together. And us to test it and report back. There was
a moment to start community support, just as nokia did with maemo.
The moment went. The train has gone. Users got their cup of silence
from manufacturer. I noticed all people asking this kind of question
moved away. I was part of maemo community. Not a sign of it for
this device. Not a server to store the code or api. Now, I rather play
with sheevaplug than try to decrypt hidden code.
Best regards.
Very insightful comments (if a little hard to read).

Why do you prefer dd-wrt? I presume for pragmatic reasons. The community model of OpenWRT appeals to me but it and its products are not perfect.

An open eReader platform appeals to me in the abstract.

Concretely, it would be nice to have an ability to carry around a catalogue of my books. I don't want to be tied to LibraryThing, but think of downloading a LibraryThing catalogue and being able to access it from your Kobo while out and about.

Optimistically, I assume others have ideas for improvements that I'd like too.

Is Maemo practically open? Has any third-party produced a new build of the OS? My impression has been that as soon as Nokia gets tired of a model (770, n800, and maybe n810) they become frozen in time. If the community could build newer firmware, I would have expected that they would have done so; perhaps they move on too.

I fear that you are right that it is too late to start a community. Among other things, I think that a new product cycle of eReaders is about to start. We don't even know if Kobo will be part of it.

Which are the most hacker-friendly eReaders? My feeling is that only devices with electronic paper count.
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