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The Latitude jacket does look pretty neat. It looks like the light might not fit inside though...

Since I procrastinated before deciding to give my wife a slightly used K2 gift, mine isn't due for another week or so. I think I am going to continue holding out for my security blanket of hinge AND one or two corner straps. Octovo had a hinge + one-strap solution for K2. Maybe they have something in the works... I would pay more for it and real leather. Silly corporate marketing people. They always think we want the cheapest, as they race to the bottom in a frantic drive for low profit and higher volume, forgetting their niche. Interesting that McDonalds has a dollar menu AND a 4 buck Angus menu.

I read all of the flaming over at the other board with strong opinions on one or the other attachment system. That is why I like it here. Mature readers and thoughtful discussion. I am a mechanical engineer. The security of the hinge and straps on the K2 M-Edge Go-Jacket just makes sense to me. I am sure that one or the other makes sense to other folks.

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