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M-Edge K3 Covers have finally arrived... Almost

I have been eagerly awaiting the M-Edge release of covers for the K3, as my Go-Jacket is almost perfect for me on the K2. They are now showing the new jackets available, along with pictures, descriptions, and price. The only hitch is that they are "coming soon."

The other problem for me is that they have, for some reason, ditched what I thought was the most elegant solution for attaching the reader, a hybrid of the hinge attachment on the left, with the two right hand corners using the traditional non-Amazon leather strip. That system for the K2 covers worked perfectly, was very secure, and addressed issues with hastily pulling the cover open from the back and damaging the Kindle attached to the hinge.

I keep speculating whether they have just dropped the ball on some of these issues (getting them to market on time, losing the perfect attachment), or if somehow Amazon has decided to be more prominent in the case business and withheld prototype and technology license on the hinge. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the aftermarket guys are getting squeezed out. With serious profit-margin squeeze on the devices, up-selling covers and lights is a great way to make a few more bucks. That is all just speculation. I just can't come up with reasons for a company with the product track record of M-Edge to be stumbling.

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