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Got mine about a half-hour ago.

First impressons:

• Nice, no-slip coating on the body of the kindle, I like!
• Wait, where's the power slider? Oh, that's right, they moved everything to the bottom. I've read enough reviews that I should have remembered that.
• Nice screen, definite cut above my PRS-300 or the K2i that I sold last week.
• But, is it just me, or is the screen more reflective than previous models? I'll be sure to compare it to my PRS-300, but I don't have the k2i to compare directly anymore. Sitting next to a window, I could see my face in the screen. Seems my older models were more matte than this, though could be it's just an exceptionally bright day out or something.
• Webkit Browser is great, lots faster than the k2, and renders pages nicely. Article mod is really cool, too.
• However, navigating pages with lots of graphics, the screen does NOT clear itself as well as it should before displaying the next page. Almost every time I turn a page on the browser, there's a ghost image of the previous page still there, and strong enough to be distracting. I don't remember this from the k2's browser. Seemed like it properly wiped the previous image before displaying the new one.
• I connected to my WPA2 / PSK network just fine, but after doing that, the first time I tried to go into the experimental menu to load the browser, the system crashed, and started rebooting. Stuck itself on that page for a few minutes with no progress moving on the bar, then acted like it power-cycled itself and started over,and this time booted successfully. A little flakey, if you ask me. And I had only loaded one book out of my archive on it. Maybe it was still indexing, but i woudlnt' expect it to be so flakey with only one book on there.
• Page turns are fine if you're sitting up and holding the kindle, but if you're laying reclined and holding the kindle essentially upside-down, it's hard to hold the kindle with your thumb near the page turn buton. I have to hold it beneath the screen instead, it makes holding it while laying down more awkward. with the k2 I could hold it with my thumb right near the page turn button, then just kind of rock my thumb to change pages.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the improvements, but I don't think it's perfect, by any means. Hopefully a lot of the stuff (ghosting) can be fixed with a fw update. Screw the 20% faster page turns, if they're not properly clearing the screen, they need to slow it back down!

That's my two cents for now, after using it maybe 20 minutes total.
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