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Well, the box that my nook came in was made out of cardboard, not plastic, and seems rather limited in durability. And I wish I to re-emphasize (and I hope I don't sound rude) that I am looking for a case not a cover. The reason being that even the most well-built cover (such as the Bookarmor) is not self-supporting, i.e. it puts pressure on the unit that it is covering. The Industrell (or however you spell it) also has the same flaw, so despite the fact that it is incredibly strong, should the nook sustain a hard blow, the cover would simple cave and all the pressure would be put on the unit, which would be destroyed. I am looking for something self-supporting case (such as a box, toolbox, guitar case) to protect the unit; a case that will provide protection and not put pressure on the unit.

The reason I am looking for such a cover is that I carry my nook to school with me on a regular basis. This means having to put the device in a bag full of other (sometimes heavy) objects, and having to deal with whatever morons are walking around on campus. Right now I carry my nook in the original box, which provides some protection. However I am still nervous that if I set down my bag the wrong way and it falls over the unit might break; or if some idiot comes charging across campus and runs into my bag, the effect may be the same.

This would not be first something like this happened to an expensive electronic device of mine, which is why I am asking.

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