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Hard nook case?


Is there any hard case for the nook that would be good for traveling? Also, I wish to qualify that I am not looking for a hard cover (there are plenty of those, and I don't think any really provide adequate protection for travel), but an actual case, perhaps in the style of the box the nook comes in, but made in a hard plastic, wood, or metal.

If there is not such an item commercially available, has anyone made one of these? If so, how and what product have you used to create the case? So far (being unsuccessful in finding a commercially produced product), I have been looking for a piece of tupperware, or a tackle box that I might be able to line with foam, but I haven't been able to find a tupperware in a decent size, or a tackle box that does not include some sort of attached separators. Recently, I found a website (I can't find the URL again) that suggests using a cigar box, or a jewlery box, but I haven't yet pursued this avenue.

Thoughts? Ideas? Success stories? Any input is appreciated.


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