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Originally Posted by ellimak View Post
Oh, that is DEFINITELY true. More often than not, when a position is posted, the company already has a person in mind. I suppose it makes sense in a way; when you have 100+ resumes on your desk, someone with a personal or professional connection is going to have a clear advantage. The only exception I can think of is a government position -- they are legally obligated to hire the most qualified candidate. That's not to say it always happens that way, but it is pretty well regulated.
More than a clear advantage. They more or less get the job. Because
A) The friend will tell them what sort of questions will be asked.
B) Will sale their skills.
C) This is the main one, sometimes the friend will say. That position is open I know a friend of mine who does that and is good, you should talk to him first, will save you time and money.

This is from experience, I had a friend, the only reason he got his job was because a relative of his worked there, so they hired him. They didn't even look for anyone else.
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