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Originally Posted by karenr_nz View Post
He said "I view someone with a bachelors degree as having 'a license to start learning'", which I think is the important point. A degree shows an employer that you can think, not that you know it all, which is something many graduates don't understand.
Dumbest thing I ever heard. Someone I know told me that a friend of hers went to a University which basically spoon fed everything to them. They didn't really need to think to 2:2 minimum. Someone else I know is doing a Computer Science degree and has no idea how to fix a computer....

I didn't want to go to University at all. I wanted to work and continue to learn that way (I learn much easier this way). After a year of trying to do this, I just could not find a job. I kept applying for junior position, and they all said, they want a University degree. For this reason alone, I went to University. I got a 2:1 and I am still having trouble due to the economy, I did find a few contract jobs which have been good.

The current problem with Universities, is that everyone went. It stopped becoming uncommon to find someone who passed University to very common, which is why employers want people with Masters and/or experience as well.

The other problem is this: It's not what you know, but who you know. Someone else I know (They go to a top University) told me about a friend he knows who just did drugs and drank alcohol the entire year they were at University and then left and went to work with their dad. (His father owns a company)

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