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Problem with grays fbreader 0.9.2 on Pocketbook 360:

I am running firmware 14.2 on my Pocketbook 360 and read about the later versions of fbreader - I am very keen on the feature of page turning without using the buttons hence I tried to install grays fbreader 180 0.9.2.

I have installed and uninstalled various versions of fbreader, from 0.9.2 onwards, all of which do not work and the error message is

"Cannot start program"

I have copied extensions.cfg (it was not originally in the config sub folder, hence I just copied it into the config sub folder), pasted fbreader into the bin sub folder, copied share sub folder.

NOTHING works.

At one point in time, after an attempted installation of fbreader, my 360 would freeze in an ON position (green light) and I had to drain the battery before it came back to life. I have now reverted to the original fbreader (with original features) and it seems to work although I have to check out the battery life!

Any suggestions to allow me to enjoy the page turning features of fbreader would be much appreciated.
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