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Ghost Commander 1.18

Ghost Commander 1.18

"Ghost Commander is a keyboard oriented file manager/FTP client with two panels. The development was inspired by the famous (Norton|Midnight|Total) Commander applications. If you are familiar with those, you will find Ghost Commander very convenient.

It has two separate panels, each of them can show files from different folders. When you need to copy files from one folder to another, you just select the files you need and hit the '5' key. That's it. No need to do such boring steps as having to copy the files to the clipboard, find the place you want them to be copied to, then paste and then go back.

All the main file operations in this application are bound to numerical keys, with the same numbers as in the prototype applications you are familiar with. (Ex: "F5 copy" is just '5', "F6 move" is '6', etc ).

If your device is not enriched by a physical keyboard, no problem, the Ghost Commander has a virtual toolbar feature with useful commands on it."

It would nice if someone could make it full-screen. Thanks.
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