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Best Practices for TOC in Mobi

Hi - one of my books just got a 3 star review on Amazon because the user said they didn't see any table of contents pages. Not cool - this is a solid 5 star book! : )

My usual practice when converting from PDF is to delete all the table of contents pages because they don't "go" anywhere - I rebuild the structure in Sigil in the TOC area, and then the reader can go to "table of contents" on their Kindle to see it all. Nice & interactive. However, when you download a preview of the book, the table of contents is not accessible because you don't have access to the entire book.

When I first started doing conversions, I had created all the links in the PDF and then exported to HTML, so I could keep a table of contents page & link out to chapters. I stopped doing this because it was tricky to get the right links and it was just another kink in the validation process. Just simpler to go without.

My question is (finally!): should I keep the table of contents in there just so people can see it on the preview? Links or no links? What's the best practice on this?

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