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Getting ebooks from a library, how does it work?

Hi there. I'm in Louisiana. A very.... Well. Not-pro-reading area.

But, I plan on getting a Kindle 3 around the end of September.
And, I don't quite want to pay for books, to be honest. Which is what strayed me from getting an e-reader altogether.

Until I heard of.... Libraries...Doing ebooks?! That means I can read some of the newer stuff for free! Awesome!

I went over to this "Overdrive" site and typed in my zipcode and.... No libraries within 100 miles. Waitaminute. I gotta go TO the library to get an ebook? Crazy. But I typed in my address to my parents house, and there was a library 60 miles away from it! Obviously, physical locations are NOT the way I can do it.

But maybe I don't understand how this "ebook from library" thing works.

I like Louisiana, I do. But sometimes it's so behind the times on technology, while I'm such a technophile! My city doesn't even have public busses. And it's a college town!
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