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Originally Posted by Samantha45 View Post
So the book I'm reading (Packing to Mars by Mary Roach) has footnotes.

Normally those are on the bottom of the page in a paper book.

I understand in an epub they won't be at the "bottom" of a page since the pages can change if you resize the font.
I don't see why that should matter. Unfortunately, there is no support for footnotes in the epub format (a subset of XHTML based on HTML4 -- there was footnote support in an earlier version of HTML, but it dropped out). There's an obvious workaround which (a) would be vastly preferable on an ereader than putting notes at the bottom of the page, and (b) is implementable right now, with no change to the epub specification (namely: put a rel="footnote" attribute in the link, and have the reader extract just the target element from wherever the note is and display it as a popup), but nobody actually does it.
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