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Ovid: The Metamorphoses (trans. A.S. Kline). v2. 25 Oct 2007

Here's my first attempt at adding a book to the collection. I love Ovid's Metamorphoses but have had a hard time finding a decent ebook version for free or otherwise. All of the modern verse translations are under copyright and the older translations are, well, dated.

This prose translation is available at The translator expressly gives permission to distribute the text freely. I started with the html file and massaged it a bit in BookDesigner.

Since this is my first book, I welcome any suggestions. In particular, I wanted to remove the underlines from links but couldn't find that option in BookDesigner.

Description from Wikipedia:

"The Metamorphoses by the Roman poet Ovid is a narrative poem in fifteen books that describes the creation and history of the world, drawing from Greek and Roman mythological traditions. Probably written between 2 and 8 CE, it has remained one of the most popular works of mythology, being the Classical work best known to medieval writers and thus having a great deal of influence on medieval poetry."

I'd like to add that the work can be read as a very unified whole. Not just a collection of tales.


Edit: I added a "nolinks" version that does not have links to the Index within the text. In my opinion it's a bit easier on the eyes if you're somewhat familiar with mythological references and don't need to constantly flip to the Index. It also has a brief Table of Contents and alphabetical jumps at the beginning of the Index.
This work is assumed to be in the Life+70 public domain OR the copyright holder has given specific permission for distribution. Copyright laws differ throughout the world, and it may still be under copyright in some countries. Before downloading, please check your country's copyright laws. If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this work.

To report a copyright violation you can contact us here.
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