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I have computer books that I want to split the page into 3 and read in landscape, but I'd like an even split. A feature would be great to highlight the whole page and say chop into x amount. I keep trying to make the right split but end up with dead space on the bottom.

Also, an option to discard blank pages. Tech books have blank pages and I end up with 3 blank pages sometimes. To get my pdf's readable I'm discarding the the books page numbering entirely so these pages are completely blank.

Or maybe there is another utility that can discard blanks, but I hope there is a way or a new feature to ensure an even split covering the selected area.

Great app! I didn't think there would be a way to make tech pdf's readable on a 6 inch reader. Thank you!!

Also a zoom in function would be great. I'm making chops right on a line of text sometimes and it cascades through all the pages (chopping the bottom line) so I have to go back and retry, basically trial and error to get a good chop.
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