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Ah yes, the 2 GB FAT limit. I remember when I got a hard disk soooo big I had to divide it into two partitions. Yup, 2.5 gig. Anyway, I spent some more quality time with Google and found another message board with some more pertinent information. (What did we do before the Internet? Accost random strangers on the street?) FAT32 support wasn't introduced until WinCE (the name still makes me giggle) version 2.11. The batteries in my A-11 have gone dead with time, so I can' tell whether it got the upgrade until they charge, but in any case, I believe the ROM upgrade was only up to 2.0...and I doubt I have it, anyway.
So...definately a max of 2 gig. Now time to wonder if the machine will be able to read all of a 2 gig card. I know from my experience with mp3/mp4 players that the machine will sometimes have an arbitrary limit. I have an mp4 player that will only accept up to 1 gig cards...and needless to say, it's a lot newer than my A-11. I'd hate to buy an expensive CF card to find I have no use for it. But then I had a brainstorm: CF cards are physically larger than SD cards, aren't they? I wonder if someone makes an adapter? That way, I can try all sorts of sizes with SD cards I already have. Lo and behold, someone does. (Try searching with 'CF SD adapter' on eBay.) Only about 15 bucks, which is a lot cheaper than buying a $60 CF card I may not have a use for. Actually, they make an adapter that goes directly from SD to PCMCIA for about the same price...that knowledge comes a little too late for me, but maybe some other cyber-wanderer will come across this thread looking for help like I did. Thus, I'm trying to forge a nice, clear path. More details (like, for example, whether or not this works) as they happen. Thanks for the help.
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