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Originally Posted by CommanderROR View Post
Well, they were on the opeininkpot website a while ago, but now were appartently takesn down.

I'll give you the tour if you like:

1.) Download the file Delphidb attached to his post
2.) Extract it to a folder somehwere.
You will find two subfolders, one containing the Cybook firmware, the other containing the Netronix firmware
3.) Copy all files from the Cybook firmware to the root of an empty SD card, put it in the STAReBOOK (or other OEM device) and start it.
With the STAReBOOK you don't have to do anything, with some of the other devices you have to hold doen the center key whily it boots.
4.) The flashing process should now start. Once it finishes successfully you will probably get a checkerboard screen and a non-responding device.

Don't worry, this is normal...

5.) Attach your STAReBOOK to your Computer as usual and you will see the internal memory and SD card just like normal even if you can't see anyting on the eink display apart from the checkerboard.

6.) Now you need to create a folder named "System" in the internal memory of the STAReBOOK and put a file into it that was originally up on Openinkpot but is now also gone. I'll put it up at the end of this post. After you have copied this files into the system folder in the internal memory of the STAReBOOK (I'll upload the whole Deal I got from OpenInkpot, there are some fonts included as well) you restart the device and should now have a fully working Cybook Gen3

Let me know whether it worked smoothly and if you run into problems let me know. You can always flash back to the STAReBOOK firmware or the Netronix one included in the file Delphidb provided, the bootloader works even if something else goes wrong.
Oh, and you will have to delete the fontcache file in the system folder to be able to use all the fonts. This seems to be a cybook issue.
Will this work on Astak Mentor Lite (a EB600 device)?
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