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Originally Posted by llasram View Post
You can modify any font with...
That looks like a great tool... but sadly, when I tried out TTX on Gentium all I got was two short <GlyphOrder> & <Feat> tables, then an AssertionError. I suspect solving this, and then tweaking the font to get the results needed (above all, acquiring enough knowledge about fonts to understand how it needs to be achieved) will end up taking too much time. I don't even know yet if Gentium contains small cap glyphs, in which case I suppose we're back to square one, i.e. looking for the right free font to start with.

Annoying in a way that ADE is forcing me to spend time learning the details of font construction, but wonderful that such resources exist (and the same goes for mobileread, natch). Annoying too to think that as likely as not, in 5 years' time ADE will support small-caps, there will be hundreds of free fonts with small caps & macrons, and MS Word (?) will support saving straight to ePub with fully validated code & optimized CSS...
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