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Exclamation we need some heroic devs

Originally Posted by yifanlu View Post
Originally Posted by Achiever View Post
bump IT!

I think for this new baby from amazon there should be some active babysitters that would contribute to the growth of this baby, so it can and will become big and powerfull and to awake it's potential!

Let me translate/explain this metaphor above.

I think, there should be some active developers, to contribute for all K3-Users by extracting, hacking, modifying, (re-)flashing the new kindle 3 with an new better customfirmware to expand the features from this device that got limited by amazon itself
Not exact, but to understand what the metaphor means!

As example for kindle-devices:

• like the thread allready shows, the big brother features implemented by amazon could get deactivated for the k3, so it could not send any user related information to amazon for statistics, tracking, (what/when you read) ... etc.

• more formats like pdf, epub, djvu etc. could be implemented.

• and so many more good features could be implemented..


I know it is possible to hack allmost every device by modifying the software/firmware and/or by modifying the hardware.

Good example is the iphone jailbreak and the psp customfirmware.

Of course it is alot of work and sometimes hard to do, because there are limited possibilities, because the manufacturers/developers from the companys build some security around it, to prevend that the device can be hacked.
Because their device should serve the companys interest not only the users, so they limited some great features to fit their needs.

There is allready something like that out there:
Qindle Project

The Source is also avaiable.. so it can get modified/improved and maybe get working on the new k3
Or maybe the Qindle's Developer (Im3783) himself will release some newer version.
Someone should ask him.

I just don't like to get limited by something, that doesn't need limitation.

..just wanted to speak out the open secrets..

Thanks for reading!
Dispite some possible english grammar mistakes, everyone should understand what I mean.

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