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Originally Posted by Jellby View Post
Consider just ignoring the lack of smallcaps in ADE. There could be a new version of ADE launched tomorrow
True - but in the meantime, any Thespians reading this play would (apparently) be quite irritated not to see the characters' names in capitals (they don't like bold/underline), and as the aim is to get the play produced, I don't want to take that risk. Originally I had the names hard-coded in all caps, and I may yet revert to this scheme as although the other methods suggested would look prettier (on whichever systems support them), the hassle involved in catering for all the different possibilities (and keeping up to date as their specs change) mean it is probably not worth it after all.

Originally Posted by Jellby View Post
Nevertheless, the idea of using a smallcaps font is good.
It would be better if there were a free & small font (like Gentium) including macrons etc., which *also* had a matching smallcaps version (like Fontin), so I could avoid 'mix & match'. There may indeed be one, but I've not found it.

Originally Posted by Jellby View Post
Since it's a workaround for ADE, you could wrap it in this conditional CSS.
Hmm, ingenious... I doubt I'll use that though, as workarounds of this type tend to stop working when the specs are updated (and I don't want to have to keep returning to the text and publishing a new version).
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