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Originally Posted by sUnShInE
So which software are you using? I tried Doppler, and while the interface was pleasing, it didn't work very well so I switched up to iPodder (Adam Curry's) a week or go or so and it works great. The scheduler, in particular, works very well.
I'm using iPodder on my XP box, and it works great. Now I have four programs actively pulling mobile content: HandStory, SunRise, Audible Manager and iPodder.

I predict it won't be too long before even more turn-key solutions are available for PodCast creators listeners. It wouldn't be too hard for Apple to combine iChat and Garage Band to creat an integrated, complete Podcasting publishing solution for content creators as well as updating iTunes to subscribe to and download Podcasts from RSS feeds. It would be yet another innovation for the iPod/iTunes combo and could help Apple maintain their healthy (approx. 90% of HDD-based music players based on recent analysis) lead in the ever-increasing HDD-based portable music player market. It seems like everybody and their brother is jumping on the bandwagon these days with a flood of new players on the market.

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