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Night of the Living Thread

Sorry to dig an old thread up -- I know it's bad manners -- but this thread was the reason I joined this forum. I found it looking up info on how to stuff a CF card into my A-11, and Google sent me here. I've ordered a PCMCIA/CF adapter, but I still have one question: is there a limit to the size of a Compact Flash card that an A-11 can access? ...No, make that two questions: what is the limit? (A simple 'yes' answer wouldn't be all that helpful.) I think it may be 1 gig, but then again, I've seen clues that it might be 2 gig. (Or maybe I'm wrong completely and it's waaaay lower -- this is 1997 technology, after all.)
Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone here knew. Then we can lay this moldy, shambling old thread to rest again. Remember: when shooting zombies, aim for the head. If you disable the head, you disable the thread that came back from the dead, thus putting it back to bed.
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