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eBook language setting.

Hi everyone.

I'm sorry if a similar question has already been asked, but I couldn't find a corresponding topic.

I have a slight confusion with Calibre regarding the 'language' field in eBook metadata. Specifically, I noticed that when I convert the books that I imported into calibre to read on my iPad, calibre overwrites the language field in ebook metadata to 'en'. Now this is no problem if I want to read books in English, but it leads to a difficulty when I try to read books in other languages, particularly Russian. The problem is that I have a Russian dictionary on my iPad, but it is only activated when a book's metadata specifies that it is actually a Russian book ('ru'). Otherwise the iPad thinks that that book is in English and activates the standard Oxford English Dictionary, which of course is of no help in finding definitions to Russian words. However, when I manually set the language to 'ru' through command line, everything is fine, and the Russian dictionary is activated.

It is definitely not iTunes messing with metadata, as other Russian books which were already in epub and thus did not go through calibre are fine.

I don't mind setting the language for my books manually as long as it is in GUI. If it's command-line-only, however, it would be a nuisance.

So is there a way either to prevent calibre from overwriting a book's language metadata or to set the language during conversion?

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