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Question Workaround for lack of capitals in ADE

I have an ePub which contains lots of small caps, defined in CSS (it's a play, and they're used to mark the characters speaking). In some reading systems it displays fine, but Adobe Digital Editions does not support font-variant:small-caps so it fails there. I'd still like the names to be shown either in small caps (ideally) or all caps (if need be), and tried using text-transform:uppercase - but this isn't supported by ADE either.

The workaround I've thought of is embedding an all-caps font (ideally one that has small-caps for the lowercase letters), and setting the CSS class to use that font -- assuming I can find such a font that is free to embed, and that also sits well with the main font used for the rest of the text.

As I've not yet decided on the main font, can anyone suggest (a) a suitable caps font, and (b) a normal (mixed case) font that would match it well?
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