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Originally Posted by smafra View Post
The best way to install/update ru.laucher is the following:
This tip comes from user sarahsbloke -> "download the latest ru launcher on your PC, copy over USB cable to main SDcard folder my packages/unknown, unplug and install using Trook"
You have to be careful which version of ru.launcher you're installing. If you try to use the newest one which I believe is ver 1.5.6 it'll give you the black screen. I think it has to be ver 1.5.3 to work correctly. If you do get the black screen, just put the softroot file back on your sd card using your pc and re boot the nook the way you did before to softroot again. No need to revert back to 1.4 and do those additional steps. I'm leaving the file on my sd card from now on to save that step. I've tried the launcher install to try to use custom icons twice and both times failed to the black screen. I'm trying to locate a copy of the correct version.
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