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WmGoat - I was in the same position as you. The Kindle was a no-starter because of the library issue and it came down to the Sony PRS600 or the the Nook. I was leaning toward the Nook, but every time I played with it in the store, it just seemed buggy and frustrating. So I went with the Sony Touch and have been happy with my decision. Yes, the glare is an issue, but I purchased a Lexerd screen protector and that has helped with the glare, but hasn't gotten rid of it. I just move the reader to get rid of the glare. The glare is like the glare you get off a glossy magazine or book. Before I put a SD card in it, I found the Sony to be quick and responsive. Then I put a 8g SD card in and that has been a little slow to initialize at start-up, but I think that's because I put in too big a card and the read speed of the card itself. My personal drawback has been the double-tap for the dictionary. I have trouble getting this to work. I had surgery on one of hands a few years back and I difficulty telling how hard or light I press something. I haven't read anyone else complain of this, so I'm guessing it's strictly my problem. I can't comment on the screen fade in the sun. It's been too hot where I live. So if I would have problems I wouldn't be able to tell whether it's the sun or the heat.
A few drawbacks are the accessories ( or lack of accessories) that come with it. But I purchased a case that my choosing, M-Edge flip-case, so I could prop it up on it's own and it's more comfortable in my hands. Also the charger. But I will deal with it down the road. Another drawback is the cost of books in the Sony Store and other independent store on the web. They just aren't competitive with Amazon or Barnes&Noble. For me this is sometimes a problem, but to tell the truth I really don't want to purchase any books that I would only read once. Plus, e-books in my opinion are extremely over priced.
Yes, you probably should have gone over to the other section in the forum, but when I read through it, there were a lot of Sony bashers. So I'm not sure how unbiased the advice would be.
I have had my Sony PRS-600 for 2 weeks now and I am very happy with it and pleased with my choice.
I hope this helps you out a little bit. I do understand how purchasing a e-book reader makes you feel like you're jumping through hoops. It's mind bogling.
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