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Fading is the maojor problem of the recent batch of eink screen. Both Kindle and Reader have this problem. The actual reason is the light (probably UV light) causes the charges to be discharged. That means, screen is defective.

Send back to store (if still within 30 day return period) or SONY, they can either replace or repair it for you.

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Ditto (including the "I could be wrong.").

Two recent experiences (I've read outdoors in the shade before and never experienced fade):
  • Sony PRS-505 reading in direct sunlight (I was testing for the fade) for about 10 minutes. Ambient temp about 75 deg. F. No fade.
  • Same Reader, first sat for twenty minutes in direct sun in a black case. Ambient temp about 95 deg. F. Metal parts of Reader were hot to the touch from sitting in the case. Definite fade.


Further testing of my dark blue PRS-505. Ambient temperature today: 100 in the shade.
  • Read in the shade for about 2 hours, unit didn't feel hot. No fade.
  • Placed 505 in the sun for 10 minutes, unit felt hot. Infrared thermometer read over 135 deg. F on the dark blue back, and over 130 on the screen. Fade showed as soon as I turned the page.
  • Fade disappeared by the time the screen temp had fallen to 115.

So IMHO, I don't think I have a "fader." The fading occurs when the unit feels to be far too hot to the touch for an electronic device to be expected to perform correctly.
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