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Woodcraft And Camping

I found a copy of "Woodcraft And Camping" by Nessmuk (George W. Sears) on the net. It is the 1920 edition and not the later, heavily edited, 1963 edition by Dover Press. The document I have has obviously been OCRed and not proofread at all. It is riddled with errors.

I am working my way through it, correcting the errors. Later, I will convert it to HTML and possibly other formats. So far, I haven't found a copy of this book locally to compare against. I don't wish to buy a copy just for this project.

If anyone has a copy of this book (preferably the 1920 edition), you could help me tremendously in proofreading the text. As I proofread, I am making a list of questionable passages. When I am done, I would like to email someone who has the book my list of passages, to be checked against the hardcopy. This list will be short. I am half done with the text now and only have three passages on my list so far.

If someone would like to help me out with this, I would appreciate it greatly. If you only have the 1963 Dover edition, that would still be helpful, as most of the text is the same. Something not required, but very desirable: if you have the ability to scan the few images contained in the book, I could include them in the finished ebook, instead of the poor quality images from the PDF copy that I have.

I know that Google has the 1963 edition online, but only selected pages are available for viewing.

When finished, the ebook will obviously be posted here. Also, since the 1920 edition should be public domain, I will also see if Project Gutenberg is interested in a copy (they don't seem to have it).

Edit: It seems that this book was originally published in 1884, under the title of "Woodcraft" and that it was later published in 1920, under the title of "Woodcraft And Camping". I don't know what the differences are between the two editions (if any). BTW, Nessmuk died in 1890.

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