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Pocket-sized readers


I found this forum while looking for information on e-paper devices, which i had heard in passing were on the market. Here's a bit of background so as to explain where i'm coming from.

I got my first PalmOS PDA in 1999, starting with the Visor Deluxe. I traded that for a Handera 330 a few years later due to its "soft graffiti" area that let the whole QVGA screen be used for displaying -- ebooks! More than anything else, i used my PDAs for reading.

I picked up a Palm T3 after my Handera was stolen, but the shorter (non-replaceable) battery life and such made it seem like a downgrade to me, and i got rid of it after a year.

I then bought a used Zaurus C860, a marvelously engineered device that is great as a tiny computer for linux hackers and such (part of the appeal for me); however, the short battery life again made it disappointing as a reader, and although the keyboard was wonderful, it was overall a bit too large to carry everywhere. In addition, acquiring a laptop computer reduced my need for a super-portable computer, and my phone now plays my music for me and has a calculator...

So, i've come full circle: i want a B&W device with incredible battery life, and the ability to fit in my shirt pocket. Geek chic has to give way somewhat to professionalism, so it needs to be less bulky than the PDAs i've had in the past. I want mainly to read on it, and ideally manage appointments &tc. (the only other PDA thing not really handled by my phone) -- basically, a reader with minimal PDA functionality. I would even consider knocking together a scheduler/calendar app myself if the device was based on linux and had a SDK. I had hoped that e-paper would make such a device possible in a way never seen even with the B&W LCD Palm devices back in the heyday of PDAs.

Sadly, it seems from what i've read here that nobody is making pocket-sized e-paper devices. Please tell me that i'm wrong!
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