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Bard, those were excellent! Thank you because I was as clueless as Alicia Silverstone after her career nosedived.

Now, One footer that still bugbears me is when there is this on the end:

file:/// blah blah blah.txt (1 of 129) [2/4/03 9:31:57 PM]

When I run the Regex code to make that footer go away, and test it before the actual conversation, the whole line of offending footer goes yellow as if it is going to go bye-bye, but in the end result, starting from the (1 of part to the PM] remains in the final conversion. Even when I run it again, epub to epub this time to debug, I still get it even though the test makes it look as if it will delete it.

What am I doing wrong? Anyone?

I used: file:///.+.PM]

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